Operational Structure


A number of panels, committees, and working groups

have been built to clarify the tasks of all particpating members. 


Steering Committee


To provide strategic leadership and oversight. As governing body the SC has the authority to make decisions that are in accordance with the objectives, approach and scope of the project as set out in the CICERO Executive Summary, and will advise and guide the CICERO Operational Groups in the execution of the project in order to maximize its relevance and impact in the scientific, medical and general community.



To oversee and aid in the development of a portfolio of high quality research resulting from CICERO (i.e. the CATALINA study data- and biobank); and to actively promote excellence in patient care through evidence-based research and its translation into innovation in clinical practice. The ESB will be an executive decision body for CICERO. 

International Advisory 


To support CICERO‚Äôs efforts to achieve quality enhancements and improvements of such credibility as to be worthy of international recognition. The IAB intends to complement and strengthen the SC and ESB, by offering advice and guidance to aid them in the successful performance of their tasks and desire to deliver results that would be relevant in different regions of the world. 



 To assist the ESB and SC in the strategic direction and oversight of the CICERO CRC funding assets. The panel fulfils an essential advisory role in the long-term stewardship of these assets, in order to best achieve and further the aims set out in the CICERO CRC Executive Summary. 



To foster effective communication, engagement and collaboration between the CICERO network and patients with COPD and their caregivers; and to position their interests at the core of all CICERO initiatives.



The PMT is a sub-group of the CICERO Project Management Group. The SC has delegated the responsibility of managing the set-up and execution of the CICERO project, as defined in the CRC Executive Summary to the PMT.



To facilitate the national implementation of CICERO (i.e. the CATALINA study data- and biobank) within the pan-European Consortium and during its expansion, in particular by advising, guiding and assisting new centres willing to participate in obtaining ethical approval and achieving efficient local start-up.



To lead the direction and oversight for the strategic collection, management and sharing of CICERO generated data. The DMB is tasked with ensuring that the collection of, access to and use of CICERO data is compliant with European General Data Protection Regulations.

Dissemination Team


The DT is a sub-group of the CICERO Project Management Group, tasked with the coordination and dissemination of CICERO generated findings to:

Scientific communities 

Healthcare providers


CICERO stakeholders (incl. operational groups and individual members, Funding Partners and the ERS) 

Others (when applicable)



 The EOT is a sub-group of the CICERO Project Management Group, overseeing all educational events and online educational content that include the dissemination of both CICERO activity and the education on COPD exacerbations for the respiratory and general community. Initiatives will be aligned with existing ERS activities, such as the annual conference, but also stand along events including webinars and satellite symposia.