The CICERO registry (CATALINA) will consist of EU centres, which can operate with standardised protocols and can collect prospective longitudinal data.

We will recruit at least 10 centres in the first wave of participating centres and will aim to have recruited 20 centres by the end of the first lifecycle of CICERO (3 years). The first wave of centres has already been identified and make up the founding core panel of CICERO members. These centres are clinical and research active and have resources to drive the momentum for prospective data collection in the CICERO registry.

Inclusion ciriteria

1.       Age 18 years and older

2.       Established diagnosis of COPD by medical doctor (based on clinical history OR pulmonary function test with an FEV1/FVC < 0.7)

3.       Current hospitalization with suspicion of an acute exacerbation of COPD (AECOPD)

4.       Inclusion within 24 hours post hospital admission 

5.       Voluntary written informed consent of the participant or his/her legally authorized representative obtained prior to any study procedure

Exclusion criteria

 1.       Patients unwilling or unable to comply with study procedures 

2.       Patients not requiring treatment with systemic corticosteroids, antibiotics or both as a minimum therapy for the index AECOPD 

3.       Patients with a confirmed positive test result for COVID19, or those highly suspected based on clinical examination.