Collaboration In COPD ExaceRbatiOns


CICERO stands for the Collaboration In COPD ExaceRbatiOns. 

Supported by the ERS, this pan-European network of clinical researchers, funding partners and patient and public representatives is committed to enhancing clinical research, education and patient care in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). 

A core initiative in doing so is the development of a phenotyped data and biobank of patients hospitalized for a severe exacerbation, generated by the CATALINA study - a prospective interventional cohort study open to investigators caring for patients with COPD.

Vision & aims

CICERO has a global vision to cater to the unmet therapeutic needs of patients with severe COPD, through open communication and cross-fertilisation between partners operating at the frontline of COPD research; and broad access to a unique and comprehensive dataset.

Aim I - Network

To establish an EU network of centres, which can operate with standardised protocols and can collect prospective longitudinal data.

Aim II - EU wide consensus

To reach an EU wide consensus on important process and outcome parameters to be measured during and after hospitalised exacerbations of COPD among clinicians and patients.